#NHCrisisComm Team Teaching

Throughout my time in DR4WARD‘s COM400 “Social Media U Need 2 Know” course, I’ve gained an abundance of knowledge on everything social & digital.  Before this class began back in January ’13, I was only on two social media platforms (and I wasn’t very active even on those).  Today, I am proud to announce that I am currently using and actively involved with six different platforms and because of this COM400 class, I got to reach out to and follow along with the best professionals in the business.  These experts communicated their content through various forms of SM, and finally (just last week), it became our turn as students to curate and share our important and relevant content with our audience.

Last Monday, I presented with the #NHCrisisComm group for a Team Teaching presentation, focusing on the crossovers of and connections between social media and crisis management.  With the help of @michaelhayes, @joshmduke, @MHJohnston and @dcraig (experts in the world of social media), we analyzed how crisis management and social media have both helped and hurt brands in a crisis.

Check out our SlideShare presentation BELOW:

Our class stayed connected throughout our entire presentation on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  The class reached out to my group members and I and to our interviewed social media experts (some of whom engaged in the conversation as well!).  Through retweets, shares, views and more, we reached tons of people interested in social media and its effects on crisis management.

With the help of TweetReach, we recovered some great analytics & statistics, showing how successful our presentation actually was. Check out our TweetReach hashtag search findings BELOW:

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 5.38.35 PM

Through all different types of social media, we exceeded our original expectations.  We reached all different types of digital professionals with our #NHCrisisComm project and learned even more afterwards from all of the feedback we received.

Thank you again to my teammates (@jillym14, @ashleyJseigel, @radiorashaud) and to those who took the time to speak with our group and offer their expertise (@michaelhayes, @joshmduke, @MHJohnston, @dcraig).  Another big thanks to @DR4WARD and @adelynlee for a great semester – I learned a lot about the always changing and evolving world of social media.

Check out my Storify recap by clicking the image BELOW:

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 9.22.41 PM


Entering the World of “Google Hangouts”

Yesterday, I participated in my first Google Hangout.  For those who don’t know, Hangouts is a free video chat feature of the Google+ world. It lets you “hangout” either one-on-one or with up to ten people for a true “face-to-face-to-face” experience.  A Google Hangout allows users to interact with one another over video chat while using all the other aspects of Google+ in unison.  As a group while hanging out, you can access your Google Drive and Documents, share items and even watch the same YouTube videos together.  Other apps available to a Hangout include Google Effects, which lets you use sound effects and funny costumes for a hangout with friends; Slideshare is available for perhaps a more professional setting.  As a group, you can all choose to launch Aces Hangout, which calls itself “the king of online poker.”  Google Hangout also uses a feature of technology that enlarges the screen of the person who is currently chatting, making the efficiency and focus of the Hangout easier for each user.  A live chat is also available in case someone is having audio trouble or just wants to send some text to the group.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 4.56.04 PM

My Google Hangout yesterday included almost all of the above.  My “Social Media U Need 2 Know” professor at Syracuse University, Dr. William Ward, spent an hour with our Instructor’s Assistant and my three other group mates.  We covered an array of subjects including Google Hangout etiquette, a short game of online poker, and some funky headgear and sound effects.  We also went over our current project on “Crisis Management Using Social Media” by sharing our Google Drive document with the Hangout (this took a while but we eventually figured it out).


Overall, for my first Google Hangout experience, I’d say it was a positive one.  I got to hear advice and suggestions from my professor while at the same time, hearing feedback from my classmates.  Thank goodness for technology today, as one of my group members was traveling back from the NCAA Final Four in Atlanta and STILL managed to join the Hangout over the course of her 15 hour drive.

“Once a Syracuse Orange, always a Syracuse Orange.”