A Visit From Digital Strategist Kate Brodock

  1. It was a pleasure to listen to a guest speaker in my “Social Media U Need 2 Know” class at Newhouse.  urlKate Brodock, Executive Director of Digital & Social Media at Syracuse University, joined our #NewhouseSM4 class to discuss Digital & Social Media Strategy and Integration and its relevance to SU.  Brodock discussed the variety of social media outlets utilized by SU including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr and Pinterest.  She highlighted the fact that the social media team at Syracuse University is made up a group of actual SU students who collaborate with Brodock to perfect the art of connecting with (the right) audiences.  The SM tactics of SU are all well thought out, as staying socially up to date with relevant content is more important than ever.  Follow @SUCampus for updates on campus lectures, concerts, work shops, and club meetings.  Follow @Just_Kate for digital & social media advice and SU information.

    Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 9.07.08 PM

    Keep up with the rest of Syracuse University’s social media platforms and check out my Storify of the presentation below.
    SU Facebook  |  SU Tumblr
    SU Instagram  |  SU Pinterest


    Both @Just_Kate and #NewhouseSM4 were excited to collaborate for a discussion about #socialmedia today.

  2. Welcome to #NewhouseSM4, @Just_Kate! Looking forward to hearing about SM strategy @SyracuseU.
  3. Welcome @just_kate to #newhousesm4! Excited to hear what you have to share! http://pic.twitter.com/Ii6Jt3Tn45
  4. Our speaker, @Just_Kate, spoke about the various #socialmedia accounts that Syracuse University utilizes.
  5. The @SyracuseU social accounts have a large and varied audience from students, alumni to prospective students. #NewhouseSM4
  6. Tumblr, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook : @SyracuseU utilizes all these platforms in different ways! #NewhouseSM4
  7. Speaking about @SyracuseU twitter page welcome @Just_Kate ! #newhousesm4 http://pic.twitter.com/GhS1xjV30d
  8. To #NewhouseSM4’s surprise, the #socialmedia team for @SyracuseU is comprised of a small group of actual SU students.
  9. I was surprised and happy when @Just_Kate said all of @SyracuseU‘s social media accounts are run by SU students #kudos #NewhouseSM4
  10. All of the Syracuse University social media accounts are run by students! #NewhouseSM4
  11. Interested in @SyracuseU social media? They look for students engaged in other areas on campus @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
  12. @just_kate discusses the student social media team @syracuseU #newhouseSM4 http://vine.co/v/bHbFFZgF3bI
  13. Not too long ago, the birth of #socialmedia at @SyracuseU began, and with just a few steps.
  14. The Ischool took on social media for Syracuse as a project and helped make it boom! #newhousesm4
  15. Facebook, Twitter and foursquare were the first few platforms that popped in in the @SUiSchool says @Just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
  16. The decision to develop @SUcampus, separate from the already well established @SyracuseU, was an important one.
  17. All announcement driven tweets sent to @SUCampus…a huge decision to split from @SyracuseU #NewhouseSM4
  18. Now following @SUcampus for updates on campus lectures, concerts, work shops, and club meetings! Check them out. #NewhouseSM4
  19. You learn something new every day! Follow @SUcampus for on-going events and @SyracuseU for more announcement driven content #NewhouseSM4
  20. @just_kate talking about SU campus twitter for #newhouseSM4 http://vine.co/v/bHbPF7hjIig
  21. Students today get accepted to @SyracuseU and can quickly and easily share their happiness with the rest of the SU world. 
  22. I remember taking a photo of my @SyracuseU acceptance letter. Students now can share it on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter etc #NewhouseSM4
  23. Admitted students snap photos of their acceptance letters and @SyracuseU loves to share them all over #SM, says @Just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
  24. A #socialmedia crisis is something @SyracuseU is no stranger to, according to @Just_Kate.
  25. Social media crisis management with @just_kate – students stay on accounts unless they feel uncomfortable or safety is at issue #NewhouseSM4
  26. SU’s PR crisis mode re: Bernie Fine: Unless students feel uncomfortable, they stay on social media accounts. #NewhouseSM4
  27. Even a brand as big as @SyracuseU falls victim to social media mishaps #NewhouseSM4
  28. Today’s speaker, @Just_Kate, taught #NewhouseSM4 all about @SyracuseU #socialmedia tactics.  She gave an informative presentation on the importance of staying socially connected and having relevant content for your particular audience. THANKS TO @Just_Kate FOR HER VISIT TODAY AT @NewhouseSU. 
  29. Thanks for your presentation on higher ed social media engagement, @just_kate! #NewhouseSM4!
  30. Thanks 2 SU Executive Director of Social Media @just_kate for coming 2 #NewhouseSM4 this afternoon, an insightful and informative discussion

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