Big Data/Big Regulation w. Andrew Hetzel

  1. Last night, @NewhouseSU held an event for the Newhouse Global Leaders In Digital and Social Media Speaker Series & SUPRSSA.  The special guest speaker was Andrew Heztel, Vic6a00e54fd9f0598833017ee88327c7970d-320wie President of Corporate Communications at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.  Hetzel’s focus of the night was “Big Data vs. Big Regulation in the Quest for Consumer Loyalty: How digital media can achieve health and marketing outcomes in a highly regulated environment.”6a00e54fd9f0598833017d410f3f1f970c-120wi

    I wasn’t able to attend the actual talk, and thanks to today’s technological advances, I viewed the discussion through both a live stream and a full recording of the night.  Audience members live tweeted their thoughts and questions with the hashtag #NewhouseGLDSM (which was eventually nationally trending on Twitter). Follow @andrewhetzel on Twitter for advice and information.

    If you want to find out more about the event from last night, check out the full video, slideshow and photos HERE. Also, check out my Storify recap below:

    The audience welcomed @andrewhetzel with open arms and lots of excitement.
  2. Introducing @andrewhetzel . He is the Communications executive of Blue Cross Blue Shield in Michigan #NewhouseGLDSM
  3. Just got to the “Big Data vs. Big Regulation in the Quest for Consumer Loyalty” lecture at #Newhouse #NewhouseGLDSM #NewhouseSM4
  4. Welcome back to @NewhouseSU @andrewhetzel! #newhousegldsm
  5. Mr. @andrewhetzel discussed #regulation in #healthcare, @BCBSM’s successful tactics & #socialmedia in general.
  6. its about using technology to get people to talk each other in a way they already understand through sm @andrewhetzel #newhousegldsm
  7. #Connect2BFit a great technological advancement that engages customers to live healthy lifestyles #NewhouseGLDSM
  8. engage customers using the exsisting programs and information of @BCBSM through SM #NewhouseGLDSM
  9. @BCBSM practices what they preach. a social program to help employees & customers stay healthy #NewhouseGLDSM
  10. Leverage technology and social media to help enhance wellness programs #newhousegldsm #newhousesm4
  11. In #socialmedia, writing, among other things, is so important to take away from a school like @NewhouseSU, says @andrewhetzel.
  12. @andrewhetzel truly emphasizes the importance of writing skills and to take advantage of what #newhouseSU teaches you #newhousegldsm
  13. @andrewhetzel is reiterating the importance of writing skills. It’s the foundation for #communications #NewhouseGLDSM
  14. The important thing is the foundation that @NewhouseU gives you & what you build upon it is up to you -@andrewhetzel #NewhouseGLDSM
  15. In the eyes of our speaker, @andrewhetzel, it’s vital to understand the importance of #healthcare and its relation to #social.
  16. What #BigData Challenges does Healthcare Face? ~ @andrewhetzel VP Corp Comm @BCBSM #NewhouseGLDSM #chart
  17. Regulation of healthcare poses as a challenge for Social Media #NewhouseGLDSM
  18. Thanks to @andrewhetzel and @DR4WARD for a successful & insightful day of learning in both #NewhouseSM4 and the Herg.
  19. #NewhouseSM4 with the speaker of the night earlier in class today! @andrewhetzel #NewhouseGLDSM
  20. Thank you @DR4WARD for bringing @andrewhetzel to our class today. Amazing speaker and person. Intrigued by his lecture #NewhouseGLDSM
  21. Special thanks to @NewhouseSU #NewhouseGLDSM audience for great live Tweeting and Questions for @andrewhetzel @BCBSM Well done!
  22. Looks like the speech was a complete success as @NewhouseSU’s speaker dominated #twitter.

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