An Individual Finally Follows the Crowd

I’ve always been one to stand out from those around me; I’ve never really done something just because everyone else was doing it.  This has held true in most aspects of my life, and it wasn’t any different when social media came into play.  I never had a MySpace, never tried Friendster, and don’t think I ever visited that Xanga website.  The only social media platform I utilized back then was Facebook (like the rest of the world).  As for other social media, I joined Instagram a few months ago and as shocking as it sounds, Twitter came into my life just over ONE month ago (before that I had clearly been living under a rock). And now, thanks to my “Social Media U Need 2 Know NewhouseSM4” course at Newhouse, I’m active on Google+ and my LinkedIn profile has become much more professional.

urlBefore that course, and before I realized the importance of social media today, I identified myself as a social media rookie.  I was proud of it at one point, but as a news junkie and current events fan, I found that I wasn’t getting my news in the quickest and most efficient way.

After reading “Confessions of A Social Media Rookie,” I realized I wasn’t the only one who was just beginning her social media journey.  I’ve already learned a lot in the professional sense and have made great connections just from being in the know.  On a personal level, I’ve worked on expressing myself to whatever followers I have, while still being aware that whatever you post is out there, and always will be.    I can already tell that my professional and personal futures are brighter from being so connected to the outside world.  This social media frenzy will surely benefit both marketers and their customers as well; spreading the word about your brand and then that information being so readily available will benefit anyone who takes advantage.  When you think about it like that, any social media “rookie” would be excited to graduate to being a “pro.”

And if I had to admit it, I guess you could say I’m glad I finally chose to follow the crowd.


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